The National Cyber Security Exercise 2020

The Institute of Information Technology of JAMK University of Applied Sciences and JYVSECTEC are organizing the National Cyber ​​Security Exercise 2020 for Finnish State Administration organisations (KYHA20vh). The Exercise takes place in Jyväskylä from 28 September to 2 October 2020.

This KYHA20vh exercise is a continuum of the series of National Cyber Security Exercises that commenced in 2013. The National Cyber Security Exercise is a technical-operational exercise that focuses on handling cyber incidents in escalated situations. The learning objectives of the exercise include information sharing and joint coordination efforts between participants.

The participants encounter the true to life cyber-attacks in a tailored realistic environment and handle the incidents by means of their own operational processes and procedures. Modern technical attacks provide a realistic need for the technical-operational exercises, and the level of realism offers true technological challenges to participants.

We have planned the exercise for many months and are now ready to conduct and execute the KYHA20vh Cyber Exercise in co-operation with the main planners from the participating organizations.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, special attention is paid to the safety of the participants. Every participant will be offered their own personal hand sanitizers, a protective visor, and face masks. In particular, the cleaning of facilities and enhanced disinfection procedures for keyboards and mice are our special concern.

The participants are divided into small groups in separate facilities, and all hosted activities for face-to-face networking are cancelled so that participants can practice social distancing. The special actions are not limited to the aforementioned safety related activities, and we aim to host the safest possible exercise according to the official guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for handling Covid-19 in Finland. Mika Karjalainen, the Director of the Institute of Information Technology at JAMK University of Applied Sciences will lead the exercise.

The platform for the exercise is JYVSECTEC’s Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE). RGCE is a feature-rich live Cyber Arena that utilizes novel ways to combine virtualization techniques, physical devices, business specific systems and business processes.

We will also organize another National Cyber Security Exercise for the security authorities in November 2020.

Jarno Lötjönen

Jarno Lötjönen
Business Manager, JYVSECTEC
JAMK University of Applied Sciences, The Institute of Information Technology, +358 40 656 5240