Meet our staff

Our cyber security experts are in charge of the exercise and training, whose work is guided by strong confidentiality and know-how.

Mika Karjalainen

Jarno Lötjönen
Business Manager

Marko Vatanen
Chief Technology Officer

Terho Rintanen
Key Account Manager

Tero Kokkonen
R&D Manager

Beng Tong Neo
Senior Advisor,
Asia Pacific Region

Aimo Pellinen
Senior R&D Specialist

Juha Piispanen
Network and Security Architect

Marko Silokunnas
Technical Specialist
(Red Team)

Mikko Neijonen
Technical Specialist
(Red Team)

Samir Puuska
Cyber Security Researcher

Karo Saharinen
Technical Specialist
(Blue Team)

Tuukka Laava
Delivery Coordinator and Project Specialist

Heli Sutinen
Visual Designer and Marketing Coordinator

Kaisa Sulasalmi
Financial and Marketing Coordinator

Teemu Kontio
Technical Specialist and Software Developer

Jani Hallberg
Systems and Network Administrator

Juha Jokinen
Infrastructure Service Specialist

Kari Nurmi
IT Systems and Infrastructure Administrator

Henrik Saari
Services and Systems Administrator

Mika Rantonen
Senior AI and Data Analytics Specialist

Janne Alatalo
Data Analytics Specialist

Henri Tervakoski
IoT Specialist and Software Developer

Joni Ahonen
Technical Specialist

Vesa Vertainen
Technical Specialist and Software Developer

Heikki Salo
Technical Specialist
(Red Team)

Kirsi Heiskanen
Project Specialist

Jarmo Viinikanoja
Technical Specialist

Jani Päijänen
Project Manager

Pasi Hakkarainen