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Comprehensive Cyber Arena; The Next Generation Cyber Range

The cyber domain and all the interdependencies between networked systems form an extremely complex ensemble. Incidents in the cyber domain may have an abundance effect on the physical domain. For example, a cyber attack or an intrusion against an electricity system may affect the performance of healthcare system as well. For organisation’s cyber resilience, know-how […]

Survey on Existing Cyber Ranges, their Features and Federation

Cyber range technologies, products and national and international initiatives have developed greatly within the last few years. There are several reasons why cyber ranges have suddenly become increasingly popular; one reason being that more organizations, both private and public, are beginning to invest in them. Cyber Security for Europe research project is working to boost […]

Deploy the containerized GRR to unmask the intruders

Containerized GRR is a forked implementation of the GRR Rapid Response, a tool for incident response designed and developed by Google engineers. Containerized GRR differs from the original GRR by utilizing the Docker containers on its working. In my experience, Docker containers are a more approachable way to take the tool into use since containers […]

From trainee to employee

Practical training is an important part of studies and has a special part in education. Training period gives an excellent opportunity to get familiar with working life during the studies.  It also gives you a better chance to find employment opportunities that match your field of studies after graduation. In this blog post I will […]

User Tracking in Internet

User tracking has gained interest after it has become a major source of revenue for advertisers. Tracking methods have evolved , however the users have also become more aware of how they are being tracked and what to do to evade tracking. More tools are available for personal tracking protection and they are becoming increasingly […]

We are involved in the preparatory work of the Cyber Growth Program

We are involved in the preparatory work of the Cyber Growth Program of Finland together with representatives of the academic world and commercial companies. The preparatory work has been commissioned by the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Employment, Transport and Communications, and Education and Culture, as well as the National Emergency Supply Agency and Business […]

We are seeking for Specialist / Key Account Manager

JYVSECTEC – Jyväskylä Security Technology is the leading independent cyber security research, development, and training center in Finland. We operate as a part of JAMK University of Applied Science’s Institute of Information Technology . We are now actively seeking an experienced customer relationship professional. A higher academic education degree is required. You are open-minded and […]

Smart Factory 2018 Exhibition 20.-22.11.2018

Smart Factory 2018 Exhibition is held in in the congress centre Jyväskylä Paviljonki for the first time. The focus of the Smart Factory exhibition is on the themes of Industry 4.0 and the related technology, service and expertise offering. It provides a unique opportunity to stand out as operators in a setting that right from […]