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Food Chain Cyber Resilience

Digitalization and technological advances are bringing lots of changes in food production and its technical environment. Systems and processes in the field are evolving at an increasing pace. Thus we need to be prepared for cyber threats and disruptions targeted to different sections of the food chain.

Data for Utilisation – Leveraging digitalisation through modern artificial intelligence solutions and cybersecurity

Project answers to the business survival challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic through the application of modern artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Ecological, intelligent and secured IoT services

Ecological, intelligent and secured IoT services (eÄlytelli) project develops know-how and knowledge of the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) for the use of companies and other actors operating on the Internet of Things (IoT). The purpose of the eÄlytelli project is to develop and pilot new Artificial Intelligence solutions in selected fields of business. The […]


The project Cyber Security for Europe aim to boost the effectiveness of the Security Union, the EU wishes to ensure that it retains and develops essential capacities to secure its digital economy, infrastructures, society and democracy. The EU has recognised that cybersecurity research, competences and investments are spread across Europe with too little alignment, and […]

Healthcare Cyber Range (HCCR)

The HCCR project increases both public and private healthcare actors’ resilience, enhances their possibilities to detect vulnerabilities in their own operations and systems, develops capabilities to detect and evade cyber threats, and creates requisites to develop actors’ personnel competencies. The project’s development target is to secure continuity in patient safety and care in the context […]


The purpose of the CYBERDI -project is to strengthen the competence of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) and the Police University College (POLAMK) to detect and investigate cybercrime, as well as to become profiled as competent cybercrime research experts at least on the European level. In addition, the goal of the project is also […]