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Cyber security incident response processes and guidelines in healthcare environments

The project will develop cyber security incident response processes and guidelines for healthcare environments, to improve and ensure the continuity of socially critical healthcare also if cyber-attacks occur. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the project is very topical and there is a great need for preparedness for cyber threats. Numerous cyber-attacks targeted to […]


The project Cyber Security for Europe aim to boost the effectiveness of the Security Union, the EU wishes to ensure that it retains and develops essential capacities to secure its digital economy, infrastructures, society and democracy. The EU has recognised that cybersecurity research, competences and investments are spread across Europe with too little alignment, and […]

Applying artificial intelligence for anomaly based network intrusion detection system, phase 2

The aim of the program is to apply open source Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the development of a Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Also visualization of IDS detection and AI analysis is studied for achieving better Situational Awareness (SA) supporting the decision making in a complex cyber domain. As a result, a pilot application applying […]

Healthcare Cyber Range (HCCR)

The HCCR project increases both public and private healthcare actors’ resilience, enhances their possibilities to detect vulnerabilities in their own operations and systems, develops capabilities to detect and evade cyber threats, and creates requisites to develop actors’ personnel competencies. The project’s development target is to secure continuity in patient safety and care in the context […]


The purpose of the CYBERDI -project is to strengthen the competence of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) and the Police University College (POLAMK) to detect and investigate cybercrime, as well as to become profiled as competent cybercrime research experts at least on the European level. In addition, the goal of the project is also […]

EDA Cyber Ranges

The first ever Cyber Defence Pooling & Sharing Project under the EU pooling & sharing agenda with support from EDA. The project focuses on increasing the availability of existing and emerging cyber range facilities at European level. Additionally the project not only aims at increasing the occupation rate and efficiency of cyber ranges and platforms […]

Information Secure R&D-environment for Data Analytics

The purpose of the project is to implement needed investments in order to plan, build and deploy an integrated, information secure data analytics development environment. It enables to improve data analytics know-how as well as develop and pilot concrete solutions of dark data utilizing data analytics solutions, which help companies to create new business opportunities […]

New Business Innovations from Data-analytics

The purpose of the project is to add to data analytics know-how as well as develop and pilot concrete solutions of dark data utilizing data analytics solutions, which help companies to create new business opportunities or increase the growth in their business and add to the amount of vacant jobs. Companies in energy sector or […]

Cyber Competence 2020

The three-year Cyber Competence 2020 project started on 28th of February, 2017. The project’s main objective is to form specialization studies in cybercrime prevention at the Police University College of Finland by 2020. This objective will be achieved in close collaboration with the Institute of Information Technology of the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK).

Business Growth from IoT

Internet is changing towards the Internet of Things concept (IoT), where almost all devices are connected to the network. In addition, various services, which are still delivered through physical access points, move to the Internet. The same trend is also apparent in vehicles turning into service platforms, industrial equipment and plants. This requires sensors, embedded […]