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Applying AI for anomaly based network intrusion detection system, phase 1

The aim of the program is to compare, investigate and apply open source AI framework for the development of a Network Intrusion Detection System. As a result, a pilot application applying AI for anomaly based Intrusion Detection System is generated and tested. Duration 1.1.2018-31.11.2018

Continuous Integration for the Collaborative Analysis of Incidents (CinCan)

The purpose of the CinCan project is to establish continuous analysis of incident data as a part of CERT or CIRT functionalities, using tools and interfaces to rapidly create, augment, correlate and share analysis and threat intelligence in collaboration. Duration 01/2018 – 12/2019     


The aim of the project is to create an assessment model named FINCSC PLUS that expands the basic-level assessment model FINCSC set up for assessing the level of cybersecurity in SMEs in particular. Duration 02/2017 – 08/2018 Funding programme Appropriation for launching regional innovations and experiments (AIKO) Implementing party JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Institute […]

Cyber Scheme Finland Pilot

The aim of the Cyber Scheme Finland project is to build and pilot a national operating model especially for the cyber security assessment and accreditation of SMEs and development work based thereon. Duration 03/2015 – 11/2016 Funding programme Regional Development Funding, Central Finland Development Fund Implementing party JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Institute of […]


The aim of the JYVSECTEC Center RGCE Project was to implement and deploy the necessary hardware, equipment and service investments to enable the development of JYVSECTEC into Finland’s leading impartial cybersecurity research, development, and training centre Duration 02/2015 – 4/2018 Funding program European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Implementing party JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd, […]


The goal of the JYVSECTEC Center Project was to develop JYVSECTEC into Finland’s leading impartial cybersecurity research, development and training centre which helps companies and other operators be more immune to cyber threats in their operations as well as develop personnel competence. Main results were further development of the RGCE Cyber Range with SCADA/ICS elements […]

Cyber Trust Program

The program improved the privacy, trust and decision making in digital infrastructure by monitoring, analysing, virtualizing, and visualizing traffic, objects and events. JAMK’s role in program was to create virtualized Cyber Trust SDN testbed in the RGCE environment. Environment was available for research consortium. Testbed was developed to serve as a platform to test multiple […]


The implementation of the project was aimed at strengthening the preconditions for research and product development activities and expansion of security by increasing the cybersecurity knowledge and risk management of organizations. Main results were first version of RGCE Cyber Range and pilot of National Cyber Security Exercise. Impact of the project Thanks to its location […]