Kaisanet prepares for cyber-attacks with exercises


Cyber incidents can be prepared for and threats mitigated through technology and technical expertise of personnel. Not all threats can be completely stopped beforehand. When technology and expertise of personnel are in good order then actions during a cyber-attack can be effectively exercised.


RGCE organizational environments

JYVSECTEC Cyber Range environments

JYVSECTEC’s cyber range RGCE has been in development since 2011 aiming to provide a realistic exercise environment for organizations of different sizes and industry sectors. In recent years, the development has focused on building multiple business sector specific organization environments, which mimic technical and business functions of real organizations. These environments also have realistic dependencies with each other, like the cloud provider depends on connectivity provided by the internet service provider. All of the organizations are connected to the global RGCE Internet where the customers, partners and threat actors exist.

In this post, I will briefly describe each of the organizational environments and how they can be used for practicing different cyber security scenarios.


Cyber Trust -projekti tuli päätökseen

Dimecc:n Cyber Trust -projekti (http://www.cybertrust.fi) päättyi alunperin neljä vuotisesta jääden tyngäksi kaksi vuotiseksi. Tässä kirjoituksessa käyn nopeasti lävitse pääkohtia tuloksistamme ohjelmaan. En aukaise jokaista lyhennettä tähän kirjoitukseen vaan suosittelen lukijaa tutustumaan aiheeseen laajemmasta julkisesta dokumentaatiosta tämän kirjoituksen lopussa.


Experiences of the ECSO WG4 (SME group) meeting


I am representing JAMK University of Applied Sciences in the ECSO Working Group 4 (WG4), which deals with SME issues. I participated the first WG4 meeting on December 2016. The main task for the WG4 is to support SMEs, coordination with countries (in particular East EU) and regions.


JYVSECTEC success story


Construction phase 2010 – 2014

First negotiations about co-operation in research and development program around network and computer security were launched with Finnish industry in December 2010. Those negotiations led to the funding proposal of the JYVSECTEC –program focused to the development environments and to the systems of command, control and surveillance centers. JYVSECTEC –program was launched on September 2011 with the budget of 2,4M€. Main financiers were Regional Council of Central Finland and European Regional Development Fund. Other financiers were Cassidian Finland Oy, Jykes Oy, Ajeco Oy, Descom Oy, Relator Oy and JAMK University of Applied Sciences. In the early 2013 program was refocused to the cyber security, with the development of skills and knowledge around the domain of cyber security, and the development of the RGCE cyber range (Realistic Global Cyber Environment).