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We are an independent cyber security research, training and development center. Our goal is to develop cyber security expertise and know-how by providing organizations with stuff training, and by conducting research and development with national and international professionals.


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Appointments at JAMK

As from 7 August 2017, JAMK University of Applied Sciences has appointed Mr. Mika Karjalainen as Director of the Institute of Information Technology. Mr. Jarno Lötjönen has been appointed as Business manager  at the Institute of Information Technology.

Mr. Karjalainen has previously worked at JAMK as Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security and he was responsible for the Service Business Operations at JYVSECTEC. Mika has also worked for C4 of The Finnish Defence Forces, “Johtamisjärjestelmäkeskus” and  State Security Networks Group Ltd. Mika has a very strong background in the entire IT security sector.

As from 15 August 2017, Mr. Lötjönen has been appointed as Business Manager at the Institute of Information Technology. He is in charge of the strategic management and development of customer co-operation in business services including the Information and Cyber Security Services at JYVSECTEC.

Jarno has previously worked as a specialist at JYVSECTEC and earlier he worked for the Finnish Defence Forces in various specialist and superior roles as well as in comprehensive cyber security roles.

For JYVSECTEC operations related issues please contact, in addition to Mr. Lötjönen, Tero Kokkonen or Terho Rintanen

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JYVSECTEC at Subcontracting fair on September

We are participating in Subcontracting trade fair on 26. – 28.9.2017 held in Tampere. This year Subcontracting trade fair is focusing on the theme of the partnership network which is continuously growing in significance.

Nowadays companies have requirements for information-safe operating methods. Welcome to our stand C 222 to network and hear about how knowing the company’s cyber security level and securing business practices supports business growth and how we can help you with these subjects.

Pre-registration for free

More about Subcontracting fair

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FINCSC incorporated as part of the Implementation Programme for Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy

On 20 April 2017, the Security Committee approved the Implementation Programme for Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy for 2017–2020 that had been under preparation since the spring of 2016. The implementation programme is a continuation to the first implementation programme approved in 2014. The implementation programme now approved examines the development of cyber security in the context comprising the public, private and the third sector where the role of a citizen is that of a client.

The implementation programme assembles together broad-scale and significant projects and measures implemented on the national scale to improve data and cyber security, presenting them in a consistently structured way and with responsibilities defined. Responsibilities for the projects and measures concerned are divided between the various operators that contributed to the preparation of the implementation programme. The preparation of the implementation programme involved several parties representing public administration, business and industry, various organisations and the academic world.

As part of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, JYVSECTEC is responsible for producing the Finnish Cyber Security Certificate (FINCSC) that is incorporated as part of the implementation programme. The responsibility concerned is described in chapter II, section 20 of the implementation programme. FINCSC certification is an affordable and effective way to measure and substantiate the level of cyber security in an organisation. Further information about the certification is available at (in english) or (in finnish).

The Cyber Security Strategy Implementation Programme is available for download on the Security Committee website at:

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Cyber exercises for operators in the industry sector was piloted

The scope of JYVSECTEC’s cyber exercise activities expands to also cover industrial automation environments. As part of the the cyber exercise arranged at JAMK on 15–16 February 2017, the Finnish national electricity transmission grid operator Fingrid Oyj and power grid company Elenia Oy piloted a new cyber security exercise targeted at operators in the industry sector.

A fictional road tunnel was modelled in the exercise environment, the traffic control automation of which was operated by Funnel Oy, a company depicted for the purposes of the exercise. Another fictional operator related to the exercise was a power transmission company named Watti Oy. It operates the power supply of the road tunnel maintained by Funnel. Funnel and Watti manage their respective automation environments using state-of-the-art supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and other IT infrastructure set up for the exercise environment.

The industrial automation systems used in the exercise are integrated as part of the Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE) developed by JYVSECTEC to allow conducting the exercise using realistic attack and defence methods. Further information about the RGCE environment and its function-specific solutions can be found from our latest publication JYVSECTEC Cyber Range.

For further information about exercise opportunities for industry operators, please contact:

Graphical instructions

JYVSECTEC graphical instructions have been designed to assure the uniformity and stability of the visual look and the brand and to assist with the correct use of our registered trademark.

The compact package with graphical instructions guides with the correct use of JYVSECTEC logo and colors in marketing and informing. The logo and colors should be used as presented in these guidelines.


JYVSECTEC – Jyväskylä Security Technology

JYVSECTEC should always be written with capital letters. If needed JYVSECTEC name can be presented in its full form Jyväskylä Security Technology with every word spelt with a capital initial letter. Jyväskylä Security Technology text cannot be used without the name JYVSECTEC in front of it. The text is separated from the name with a hyphen.

Jyvsectec – Jyväskylä security technology

JyvSecTec – Jyväskylä Security Technology

Logos and their use

JYVSECTEC logo consists of a fingerprint image and text. The text part contains the name JYVSECTEC and the text “Jyväskylä Security Technology”.

The logo can be found in horizontal and vertical versions. Using the logo please take care to present the text Jyväskylä Security Technology clearly. Use the horizontal version of the logo (1.). The vertical logo can be used if needed (2.). There is a logo version from small print products (3.) where the text “Jyväskylä Security Technology” has been omitted.

media1_jyvsectec_horizontal_colormedia2_jyvsectec_vertical_color media3_jyvsectec_small_color

There are three different color versions of the logo; color, white and dark.


Color logo for light backgrounds. Please use this logo mainly.


White logo for colored and dark backgrounds.


Dark monochrome logo in gray shade prints on white and light backgrounds.


When using JYVSECTEC logo leave enough space around it. The safety area of the logo has been defined the height of the largest logo number 1 in all directions. This is the minimum safety area.


Still not sure how to use our graphical materials?

If you are not sure that you are using our graphical materials correctly or need further information please email us via the contact form.

JYVSECTEC is an independent cyber security research, training and development center.