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JYVSECTEC assists organisations on issues related to information & cyber security and development.

We serve organizations concerning questions and development operations on information and cybersecurity; we offer an opportunity for versatile training and exercises using our state-of-the-arttechnology and expertise. We want to improve companies’ and organizations’ fault tolerance against attacks from the networks, add opportunities to detect the vulnerabilities in their own operations and systems. Participating in a cyber exercise increases the ability of a client’s personnel’s to perceive and repel cyber threats.

Our cyber security experts are in charge of the exercise and training, whose work is guided by strong confidentiality and know-how.

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Cyber Environment

Unique research, development and training environment developed by our experts.

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Cybersecurity exercises in modern facilities and expert guidance

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Consulting services in various fields of information and cybersecurity

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Expert system and software testing

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Extensive research and development

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Diverse information and cyber security training for various fields of operation

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JYVSECTEC is an independent cyber security research, training and development center.