Profound system and software testing


In our daily work duties we utilize various electronic services offered in networks. The use of these services is, however, impeded by various implementation errors originating from system development and software production. Therefore it is necessary to test systems and software functionality in advance and evaluate it to find and fix errors.

JYVSECTEC produces expert and profound system and software testing to identify the functional weaknesses and information security flaws of target systems and software.


  • evaluate technical functionality and reliability of systems and software
  • identify information security loopholes and vulnerabilities in software use
  • support in questions related to choosing systems and software
  • offer neutral testing information on compliance with the requirements of systems and software

Content and pricing

The details of testing services are negotiated separately based on the needs and requirements of the customer. When agreeing on details the pricing criteria are defined. Our contact persons provide further information on pricing and service contents. Contact us!

Service process


Testing starts with definition of testing requirements and choosing the testing methods and techniques best serving their reaching. Testing can be implemented either with black box, grey box or glass box testing.


Implementation of testing is preceded by preparation and implementation of the physical and technical testing environment. The technical testing environment is built to support the manual or automatic running of test cases for target systems or software during the test implementation.


The planning and preparation work preceding testing creates the foundation for running the test cases either manually or automatically. The test cases assist in evaluation of the compliance with the requirements of the target systems and software in the most typical use, incidence and as special cases.


The testing concludes with an analysis and evaluation on the realization of the set requirements. Evaluating the realization of testing requirements, development targets of the tested target are identified which, when affected improve the functionality and reliability of the target systems and software.

JYVSECTEC is an independent cyber security research, training and development center.