Versatile and high quality training

Education and training

Profitable economic operations of companies and communities are founded on knowledge and professional expertise. The knowledge capital is maintained and increased by arranging training that supports the personnel’s operational functionality and work motivation. The training provides means to continuously develop one’s own work and work performance as well as assists in change management at work.

JYVSECTEC provides versatile and high quality training in various fields of information and cyber security. The training adds to the personnel’s abilities in knowledge and skills to adapt to the constant change of networks and cyber environments. The training develops the personnel’s thoughts about observing their own work methods as well as clarifies their attitudes.


  • support organisations in identifying the changing and increasing skills in working life
  • offer state-of-the-art information on current trends and technical development in information and cyber security
  • develop the personnel’s professional skills and understanding in the field of information and cyber security

Content and pricing

The details of trainings are negotiated case-specifically based on the customer’s needs and requirements. When agreeing on the details the pricing and pricing criteria of the offered services are defined. Our contact persons provide further information on pricing and service contents. Contact us!

Service process


Trainings are started by defining the knowledge needs and goals and choosing the training methods and technologies best serving these goals. The trainings can be implemented either as operational or theory-based lectures or participative workshops.


Implementation of trainings is preceded by preparing the training structure and materials as well as planning the content. The training material supports and complements the training event topics by assisting in learning the topics independently and repeating them after the training sessions.


The planning and preparation work creates a foundation to the topics to be discussed in the training events. The topics are discussed deeper both in theory and practice based on the cases in the training material.


The trainings are concluded with an analysis and evaluation on reaching the training goals. The evaluation helps to identify development targets that are to be affected to increase the professional skills and knowledge of the personnel.

JYVSECTEC is an independent cyber security research, training and development center.