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Model for Cyber Security Information Sharing in Healthcare Sector

In the modern society almost all services are based on data-networks and networked systems. Especially through the growing digitalization an increasing number of services is connected to data-networks. One example of a highly digitalized domain is the healthcare sector, where a cyber-attack could cause extreme circumstances. Decision making requires knowledge about the current situation. Particularly, […]

Cyber security incident response processes and guidelines in healthcare environments

The project will develop cyber security incident response processes and guidelines for healthcare environments, to improve and ensure the continuity of socially critical healthcare also if cyber-attacks occur. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the project is very topical and there is a great need for preparedness for cyber threats. Numerous cyber-attacks targeted to […]

Adding Realism to Cyber Security Exercises – Populating RGCE environment

Our Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE) is a feature rich live cyber range that brings together a realistic global world and organization environments in an isolated private cloud. RGCE’s global world functions the same way as the real Internet; however, it is fully controlled by JYVSECTEC. The Internet of RGCE has similar counterparts as the real […]

Cyber security in the healthcare sector Conference

We are organising Cyber security in the healthcare sector conference together with the European Cyber Security Organisation ECSO, Regional Council of Central Finland, and West Finland European Office, under Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Conference is part of the Healthcare Cyber Range project. Conference is held on 9th of October 2019, […]