JYVSECTEC participated Locked Shields 2016 exercise

JYVSECTEC participated in Locked Shields 2016 cyber defence exercise in Tallinn, Estonia. The exercise was held between April 18 – 22, and there were over 550 security experts participants from 26 countries. The experts came from national security authorities and the companies and communities operating among the national security issues.

In the exercise the participants practiced the protection and defending against cyber-attacks by maintaining the networks and services of a fictional country. There were more than 1700 possible attacks carried out in the exercise that were all waiting for a solution. The participants’ mission was to be able to handle and report the incidents that they detected as well as to respond to legal issues and media questions.

Read NATO Cooperative CCDCOE’s press release on this year’s exercise at https://ccdcoe.org/locked-shields-2016.html