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Who we are. Where we come from.

In a nutshell

  • We produce cyber exercises, consulting, research, testing and training services
  • We carry out research and development projects
  • We boost a credible and reliable image of strong Finnish cyber security expertise
  • We promote national and international networking with professionals, new forms of cooperation and operating models
  • We create, maintain and care for up-to-date and impartial cyber security information

Our story

The powerful development of information society and various information environments with it challenges us to develop and renew our customary operation ways and our systems. For organisations cyber security plays a remarkable role affecting the operations, personnel, facilities and knowledge in organisations. Detecting vulnerabilities in own services and operations in good time helps to prevent cyber threats; by adding knowledge we can prepare ourselves to prevent the threats and defend against them.


JYVSECTEC at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in the Institute of Information Technology was started as a project in September 2011 to face a topical challenge. The aim of the project has been to create in Central Finland one of Finland’s leading research and development and training centres and develop the national and international co-operation network of companies and actors. With the RGCE development environment (Real Global Cyber Environment) JYVSECTEC has been able to offer modern facilities as well as expertise and systems to develop the cyber security knowledge of organi-sations and create systems to implement cyber security exercises.


JYVSECTEC was partly funded by Regional Council of Central Finland and European Regional Development Fund. Co-operation partners were Airbus Defence and Space Ltd, Ajeco Ltd, Descom Ltd, Relator Ltd, and Jyväskylä Regional Development Company Jykes Ltd. The project that stared in 2011 gained further funding in 2015 spring till the end of 2017 to develop a cyber security cluster and the investments connected to that. Besides public funding the project collaborates with companies such as Airbus Defence and Space Ltd, Cygate Ltd, Elisa PLC, Fingrid PLC and TeliaSonera Finland PLC.

Work with cyber security continues

The amount of organisations and partners utilizing our services is steadily growing. Our customer promise is also in the future to emphasize high quality service by offering top-class expertise in a unique and technically modern environment.



JYVSECTEC is awarded two million Euro as partial funding to expand the cyber security cluster and
research and develop the situation picture regarding cyber security in various fields


JYVSECTEC is awarded 200 000 Euro additional funding to productize the operation and develop the
facilities futher in accordance with the national security audit criteria authorities.


JYVSECTEC’s cyber security development environment RGCE is piloted and developed as part of Finn-
ish cyber security strategy implementation in Natioanl Cyber Exercise in 2013.


JYVSECTEC decides to define the goals and build a cyber security development environment RGCE
for the use of companies, communities and public authorities.


JYVSECTEC is awarded 2.4 million Euro partial funding to build a platform for crisis management
leadership systems and information security as well as for development of the use of management

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JYVSECTEC is an independent cyber security research, training and development center.