European Defence Agency’s training environment comes to Jyväskylä

Finland is involved in the cyber security project of European Defence Agency EDA and takes a leading role of the project together with Netherlands and Greece. Other participating countries in the project are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Portugal and Sweden. The project is called EDA CAT B Project on Cooperation on Cyber Ranges in the European Union.

Cyber defence is one of the strategic priorities of the European Union. Keystone of the EU’s cyber resilience is trained personnel. Communication and joint exercises at the EU level develop personnel’s ability to respond to cyber threats. By sharing training environments it is possible to identify best practices against cyber attacks. Finland’s training environment for the project is located in Jyväskylä in the premises of cyber security research, development and training center JYVSECTEC.

The project will take approximately three years. Participation in the project doesn’t require any financial contribution from Finland to the EDA. Finland’s part of the project is carried out in labor input.

The official press release of Finnish Ministry of Defence can be found at (in Finnish)