Kaisanet prepares for cyber-attacks with exercises

Cyber incidents can be prepared for and threats mitigated through technology and technical expertise of personnel. Not all threats can be completely stopped beforehand. When technology and expertise of personnel are in good order then actions during a cyber-attack can be effectively exercised.

The theme of the exercise is to block an attack and minimize customer damages. The exercise tests e.g. functionality of the processes, decision making, as well as internal and external communication.

Cybersecurity exercise with JYVSECTEC 20-21 April 2017

The aim was to exercise and implement common operating methods regarding the cybersecurity of our organization through existing processes. The most important issues addressed during the exercise were identification and prevention of cyber incidents, communication between units during the threat, external communication, as well as the roles and responsibilities of persons participating in the exercise.

The planning of the exercise commenced approximately a year before the exercise. During the exercise, the expertise and experience of JYVSECTEC as the organizer of the exercise were clearly recognized.

In the planning phase, the special operating features of Kaisanet were taken into full account, and they could be generally implemented in the exercise environment.

The exercise venue and its facilities are up-to-date. The exercise proceeded with professional leaders, very much in accordance with the handbook. The exercise resulted in awareness of weaknesses and strengths of Kaisanet’s operations during a broad-spectrum cybersecurity event. The results of the exercise were analyzed, which assists Kaisanet in developing their operations when preparing for cyber threats.

A workshop was organized for Kaisanet management during the technical exercise. The workshop discussed cybersecurity through the operations and strategy of the company. We also received high-quality feedback, as well as suggestions for development from the management workshop.

The cybersecurity exercise was excellently implemented from start to finish. This was achieved with the professionals of JYVSECTEC that excellently guided Kaisanet staff through the exercise. We shall further develop our actions based on the exercise and we shall strive to co-operate with JYVSECTEC also in future cyber exercises.

Aki Määttä
Marketing manager
Kaisanet Ltd