Information Secure R&D-environment for Data Analytics

The purpose of the project is to implement needed investments in order to plan, build and deploy an integrated, information secure data analytics development environment. It enables to improve data analytics know-how as well as develop and pilot concrete solutions of dark data utilizing data analytics solutions, which help companies to create new business opportunities or increase the growth in their business and add to the amount of vacant jobs. Companies in energy sector or businesses closely connected to it are committed to participate in the project and co-finance it. The energy section was selected since the production and consumption of energy affect in one way or other citizens’ everyday lives, and thus present a potential field of business development. The participating companies all being in the same branch of industry enable inspection of data analytics and its development in the entire value chain: Production <-> Distribution <-> Consumption <-> Customers.



Implementing party

JAMK University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Institute of Information Technology


Alva Ltd, C2 Smartlight Ltd, Fingrid PLC, Landis+Gyr