Air Navigation Services Finland Oy (ANS Finland) cybersecurity exercise in 2018

ANS Finland performed a cybersecurity exercise with JYVSECTEC 24 -25 January 2018. The aim of the exercise was to test the operation modes of the organization in accordance with the company specifications, learn to identify cyber risks and communicate with our co-operation partners.

As early as in the planning phase of the exercise, we detected JYVSECTEC´s excellent expertise and solid experience in the organization of the exercise. The special features of the operations of ANS Finland were well taken into account in the planning phase, and they could be implemented for the most part in the exercise environment.

The exercise environment and devices were up to date, and the exercise proceeded as planned managed by JYVSECTEC professional specialists.

Based on the gained outcomes of the exercise, we can further develop our operations when preparing for cyber threats.

We are highly satisfied with the implementation of the cyber exercise all the way from initial planning to the conclusions of the exercise and we plan to organise further training with JYVSECTEC’s professional staff also in the future.

Andrei Lauren
Cyber Security Manager
ANS Finland Oy