Valtori develops their know-how in National Cyber Security Exercises

Government ICT Centre Valtori, the provider of ICT services for customers in the central government, develops and maintains the widest ICT environment in Finland.  Valtori’s key task is to ensure the functionality of services in all circumstances. With the increase in the number of cyber threats, the preparedness to meet these threats is very vital to secure the continuity of operations.

Valtori has participated in several National Cyber Security Exercises (KYHA) organized by JYVSECTEC (Jyväskylä Security Technology). JYVSECTEC is Cyber Security Research, Development, and Training Center with the aim to test the functionality of their existing processes and develop Valtori’s own operation modes.

The exercises have contributed to further development of Valtori’s know-how and preparedness to operate in anomalies deviating from the normal situations. Exercises with other authorities are of vital importance for the development of Valtori’s own operational processes and improvement of co-operation between government authorities.

The Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE) at JYVSECTEC has functioned extremely well for modelling of Valtori’s operational environments. The planning of the exercises, the exercises themselves as well as the acquisition and analysis of feedback have been run by JYVSECTEC in an exemplary manner.

Janne Kotilahti
Chief of Preparedness
Government ICT Centre Valtori

Valtori Government ICT Centre