Resilmesh: Situation Aware enabled Cyber Resilience for Dispersed, Heterogenous Cyber Systems

The Resilmesh project aims to strenghten cybersecurity and resilience for organizations. Collaborating with various partners, the project seeks to address current challenges in cyber security. In this project, Jamk will implement a smart grid exercise scenario that will be used in a cybersecurity capacity building exercise in Jamk’s RGCE environment.

Resilmesh operates on the fundamental premise that “you cannot protect what you do not understand.” To achieve this understanding, the project emphasizes situational awareness-based orchestration and advanced analytics. By providing organizations with insights into their cyber environment, Resilmesh enables them to make informed decisions and proactively protect their digital assets.

Resilmesh aims to create a comprehensive solution for mission-based cyber resilience. This approach ensures that organizations not only have real-time protection but also possess the agility to recover swiftly from cyber incidents. 

Key Objectives:

  • Manage the complexity of digital infrastructure and services. 
  • Enhance situational awareness through innovative tools and analytics.
  • Develop a mission-centric cyber resilience framework.
  • Enable organizations to combat APTs effectively.


10/2023 – 9/2026

Funding program

The project has been funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme. Grant number: 101119681.


Partners come from 9 European countries: 11 leading partners in cyber defence and AI (7 universities and 4 companies) and 3 critical infrastructure companies. In addition to Jamk University of Applied Sciences, the project includes:

  • Technological University Of The Shannon (IE) (coordinator), 
  • GMV Soluciones Globales Internet SAU (ES), 
  • Masarykova Univerzita (CZ), 
  • Silent Push Limited (IE), 
  • F6s Network Ireland Limited (IE), 
  • Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (AT), 
  • Universidad de Murcia (ES), 
  • Alias Robotics S.L. (ES), 
  • algoWatt SPA (IT), 
  • Región de Murcia (ES), 
  • Kentro Meleton Asfaleias (EL), 
  • Montimage EURL (FR), and
  • Royal Holloway and Bedford New College (UK).

Tuomo Sipola

Project Manager
Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Information Technology

tuomo.sipola(at), p. +358503103339