JYVSECTEC brand guidelines

JYVSECTEC brand guidelines have been designed to assure the uniformity and stability of the visual look and the brand and to assist with the correct use of our registered trademark.


JYVSECTEC logo consists of a fingerprint image and text. Text part contains the name JYVSECTEC and the text "Jyväskylä Security Technology".

Color logo for light backgrounds. Please use this logo mainly.

Dark monochrome logo in grayscale print on white and light backgrounds.

White monochrome logo for colored and dark backgrounds.

Clear space around the logo

When using JYVSECTEC logo leave enough space around it. The safety area of the logo has been defined by the height of the largest logo number 1 in all directions. This is the minimum safety area.


JYVSECTEC should always be written with capital letters. If needed JYVSECTEC name can be presented in its full form Jyväskylä Security Technology with every word spelt with a capital initial letter.

JYVSECTEC - Jyväskylä Security Technology

JyvSecTec - Jyväskylä Security Technology

General info

For further information about the use of the JYVSECTEC name and visual look please consult us.