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Cyber security exercises provide opportunities for organizations to demonstrate critical capabilities and reveal how effectively they integrate people, processes, and technology to protect their critical information, services, and assets. The exercises can help train organizations to improve their ability to mitigate impacts to business from cyber threats and attacks.


Learning by exercising

Development of know-how

Personnel development to detect and understand cyber threats that jeopardize business operations

Increasing performance

Improving the ability and capabilities of organization to function in incident and exceptional circumstances

Real-life experience

Gain experience in responding to and defending against complex and comprehensive cyber attacks


The importance of exercising

Cyber security exercises complement regular preparedness and crisis management exercises and therefore are of great importance for organizations. Exercise is a powerful tool for improving organization’s readiness and resilience against modern cyber threats and to discover development areas in processes, procedures, or personnel's expertise.

The complexity of the enterprise’s IT and business environment has created the need to conduct larger scale cyber security exercises to train personnel and develop business and IT functionalities to handle different cyber events and incidents. The modern organizations depend on other organizations as well (subcontractors, service providers, customers, etc.), which creates the need to exercise organizations’ capability to handle complex cyber incidents concerning several organizations at the same time.


Threat-Driven approach to cyber attacks

With us organization can train in a variety of different types of cyber security scenarios. Our mindset and approach to performing cyber attacks is to simulate attack vectors and threat actors that are Threat-Driven with their tactics, techniques, and procedures based on organization's risks and business sector.

We design holistic exercises that start by creating background storylines for the training audience. This provides the training audience with a proper understanding of the situation surrounding the exercise and immerse them into the scenario.

All the attacks and threat actors are based on real life attacks and events.


Our cyber security exercises


Live exercise

Cyber exercise scenario is executed live and include active actions of adversaries


DFIR exercise

Exercise where training audience needs to investigate already happened cyber attack


Blueteam CTF

Gamefied threat hunting scenarios for training audience to find advanced and hidden threats


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