Developing cyber security exercises for the critical actors of emergency supply

Nearly all essential functions in the society are dependent on various digital applications. By developing the preparedness for cyber threats, the resilience of the entire society is developed with the exercises playing a key role in this. The diverse fields of operations have their own specific features and protecting them against cyber threats requires specialized knowledge and understanding.

The Institute of Information Technology at Jamk University of Applied Sciences carries out the project Developing Cyber Security Exercises for the Critical Actors of Emergency Supply (HTKK), which makes it possible to train on a regular basis in the Realistic Global Cyber Environment (RGCE) at JYVSECTEC cyber security exercise environment. This environment is technically separated from the Internet as well as from operative networks and operations.

The project is funded by Digital Security 2030 program of the National Emergency Supply Agency HVK.

With the cyber security exercise environment, the actors of critical emergency supply infrastructure in various fields of operations can train their staff to protect their digital operation environments in cyber incidents and identify development targets.

In cyber security exercises it is possible to exercise how to protect their critical infrastructure and accelerate recovery from cyber incidents in advance. Companies and authorities can also practice co-operation in cyber incidents. As the exercise environment includes characteristic features from several fields on the same platform, it is also possible to exercise the prevention of spread of cyber incidents caused by mutual dependencies.

The National Emergency Supply Agency and companies and authorities operating in the critical fields of emergency supply co-operate in the project.


8/2022 – 6/2026


The project is funded by the National Emergency Supply Agency and Jamk University of Applied Sciences.


Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Information Technology

Antti Teppo Antti Teppo

Project Manager
Jamk University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Information Technology

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