Model for Sharing the Information of Cyber Security Situation Awareness between Organizations

Exchanging of Situation Awareness information is extremely important for organizations in order to survive as part of the cyber domain. The situation Awareness is required for decision making and for an early warning of upcoming threats. Situation Awareness and the security information in the cyber domain differ from the kinetic domain. Because of that, Situation Awareness has different requirements and use cases, for example when considering time or geographical distances. There is always a risk when sharing security information due to the classified nature of the information. It might contain information of weaknesses or vulnerabilities of the organization, and if used wrongly it jeopardizes the continuity of the business or mission. The model introduced in this paper for creating information sharing topologies enables sharing of classified security related information between multiple organizations with the lowest possible risks levels.


Kokkonen Tero, Hautamäki Jari, Siltanen Jarmo, Hämäläinen Timo

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T. Kokkonen, J. Hautamäki, J. Siltanen and T. Hämäläinen, “Model for sharing the information of cyber security situation awareness between organizations,” 2016 23rd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT), Thessaloniki, 2016, pp. 1-5.