Technical details

RGCE’s global world functions the same way as the real Internet, but it is fully controlled by JYVSECTEC. Full control of the RGCE’s Internet enables use of global threats and scenarios. The Internet of RGCE has similar counterparts as the real Internet has and the structures, services, and functionalities are made as similar as it is possible in a closed environment.


RGCE services and features

Tier I, II and III Internet Service providers with BGP routing and public IP addresses

Realistic and comprehensive name service architecture and hierarchy

Global Time services and PKI Infrastructure for certificates

Virtualized mobile devices and app store

Controlled update and software repositories for various operating systems

TOR Onion network

Business sector specific organizations

Public services e.g. news sites, social media, discussion forums, video and image sharing services, as well as instant messaging services


User and traffic simulation

JYVSECTEC’s automated user and traffic simulation software is a key part of cyber range to provide realistic and versatile traffic and usage of services. Network traffic and user automation within RGCE is automatically generated using specially created traffic and user generation software. With the software it is possible to create large groups of legitimate users within the organization environments or to simulate external and “Internet users” which can be controlled from a centralized system. The software also provides capabilities to create botnets for performing network based attacks and other low level attacks.

Examples of different actors we simulate

Human errors

Configuration errors


Insiders and disgruntled employees




Nation or State sponsored actors

Examples of attack vectors and techniques simulated

Various types of DDOS attacks



Phishing Campaigns

Watering holes




APT campaigns

Viruses, worms, trojan horses

Supply chain attacks

Logic bombs