Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Patient care is at the heart of healthcare. The operating environment is complex and includes technical systems, devices and electronic information that are critical from the cybersecurity perspective.

The nature of healthcare work makes it extremely sensitive to service disruptions. An attack on a hospital can delay or halt treatment procedures and threaten patient safety.

Medical databases attract cyber criminals. On the black market, personal health information is more valuable than credit card or personal information.


Cyber attacks can affect:

Patient safety

The information systems needed for treatment

The privacy and security of patient and employee data

Hospital's reputation

Hospital's finances

Hospital's ability to function


"Response as well as preparedness should be planned, prepared and practiced before the situation arises"

Kyberhäiriöiden hallinta - Käsikirja terveydenhuollon toimijoille (Handbook on Cyber Security Incident Response Processes for Healthcare Actors ), JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Information Technology, JYVSECTEC, 2020


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