FINCSC incorporated as part of the Implementation Programme for Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy

On 20 April 2017, the Security Committee approved the Implementation Programme for Finland’s Cyber Security Strategy for 2017–2020 that had been under preparation since the spring of 2016. The implementation programme is a continuation to the first implementation programme approved in 2014. The implementation programme now approved examines the development of cyber security in the context comprising the public, private and the third sector where the role of a citizen is that of a client.

The implementation programme assembles together broad-scale and significant projects and measures implemented on the national scale to improve data and cyber security, presenting them in a consistently structured way and with responsibilities defined. Responsibilities for the projects and measures concerned are divided between the various operators that contributed to the preparation of the implementation programme. The preparation of the implementation programme involved several parties representing public administration, business and industry, various organisations and the academic world.

As part of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, JYVSECTEC is responsible for producing the Finnish Cyber Security Certificate (FINCSC) that is incorporated as part of the implementation programme. The responsibility concerned is described in chapter II, section 20 of the implementation programme. FINCSC certification is an affordable and effective way to measure and substantiate the level of cyber security in an organisation. Further information about the certification is available at (in english) or (in finnish).

The Cyber Security Strategy Implementation Programme is available for download on the Security Committee website at: