Finnish cyber security expertise in Singapore – JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Singapore Polytechnic collaborating in Centre of Excellence in Applied Cyber Security

JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Singapore Polytechnic have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Singapore. The Parties wish to form a collaboration to jointly establish the SP-JAMK Centre of Excellence in Applied Cyber Security.

The collaboration includes the establishment of JAMK/JYVSECTEC (Jyväskylä Security Technology)’s best-in-class Cyber Range in Singapore, training programmes to help companies build up cyber security readiness and cyber exercises to help organisations build capabilities to counter and defend against modern cyber threats. The mutual benefit of the project will be the knowledge sharing to seize opportunities for regional growth.

One of the goals is to implement the first cyber exercise in the RGCE (Realistic Global Cyber ​​Environment) in Singapore in 2019, based on a exercise model developed by JYVSECTEC.

­- With this collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic, JAMK is taking a significant step forward as an internationally recognised cyber expert. When the co-operation is realised, cyber security will become a new significant part of Finnish education export, says Mika Karjalainen, the director of the Institution of Information Technology in JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Since 2011, JYVSECTEC has developed cyber security expertise and the Realistic Global Cyber Environment. The RGCE enables realistic and safe cyber exercises for the development of cyber preparedness in organisations.

JYVSECTEC has carried out national cyber security exercises in Finland since 2013 and has been involved in international training and exercise activities. JYVSECTEC has also provided exercises to several critical infrastructure organisations.

The overall objective of the cyber security exercise is to improve the ability of organisations to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities in their operations and systems, their ability to detect cyber security incidents, and to prevent or mitigate their impact on business. In addition, the exercise develops the competence of the personnel and the cyber resilience of the organisation.


Further information:
Mika Karjalainen, Director, Institute of Information Technology
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
p. +358 40 574 8012