Cybersecurity education in universities of applied sciences

The implementation of cybersecurity research, development, and training and education at different levels strengthens both national expertise and Finland as an information society. Several strategies have been published at the EU and national levels with the aim of improving cybersecurity expertise and facilitating research, education, and innovation in the field. The current research project promoted and considered the objectives set out in the EU Cybersecurity Strategy 2020, the EU’s Digital Agendas for Europe, the Finnish Cybersecurity Strategy (2019) and its Development Programme (2021) and the EU– Finland skills development programmes. This study, commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications from the University of Jyväskylä, examined the development needs in cybersecurity education and explored comprehensively the quantitative and qualitative development of cybersecurity competencies. The main research question of the project was defined as “What measures are needed to improve the quantitative and qualitative situation of Finland’s cybersecurity expertise?” The study produced a clear depiction of the current state of cybersecurity education at different levels of education and the necessary measures to meet quantitative and qualitative cybersecurity competence needs in the curricula.


Karo Saharinen, Tuomo Sipola, Tero Kokkonen

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Saharinen, K., Sipola, T., Kokkonen, T., ”Cybersecurity education in universities of applied sciences”. In: Lehto, M. (eds.). Development Needs in Cybersecurity Education: Final report of the project. Publications of the Faculty of Information Technology. 96/2022. University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Information Technology. 2022.

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