Artificial Intelligence for Security – Enhancing Protection in a Changing World

This book discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for security purposes. It is divided into three parts: methodological fundamentals of AI, use of AI for critical infrastructure protection and anomaly detection. The first section describes the latest knowledge for creating safe AIs and using them to enhance protection. This book also presents various domains and examples of AI-driven security. The chapters describe potential methods, demonstrate use cases and discuss the challenges of the evolving field. This includes topics such as defensive use of AI to detect threats. It discusses the offensive use of AI to better understand the future threat landscape, the use of AI for automation in critical infrastructure and overall challenges of AI usage for critical tasks.

As new threats emerge, the use of AI technologies to protect the world one lives in is topical. New technologies in this space have advanced rapidly, and subsequently, their use in enhancing protection is an evident development. To this effect, this book brings together a group of international researchers and professionals who present their views on how to create security through AI.

This book targets postgraduate students, researchers and professionals who want to understand the use of AI for security. Understanding latest advancements in this field will also be useful to those who want to comprehend modern cybersecurity in detail and who want to follow research and latest trends.


Tuomo Sipola, Janne Alatalo, Monika Wolfmayr, Tero Kokkonen

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Sipola, T., Alatalo, J., Wolfmayr, M., Kokkonen, T. (Eds). (2024). Artificial Intelligence for Security – Enhancing Protection in a Changing World. Cham, Switzerland: Springer. ISBN: 978-3-031-57451-1.