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Modern facilities and state-of-the-art hardware

Cyber exercises

Electronic data transfer via information networks is today an inseparable part of companies’ and communities’ services.

Services connected with networks are prone to various information network disturbances and abuse that can harm or even paralyze service processes and affect business remarkably. Implementation and management of practices concerning network protection measures need to be practiced in advance. JYVSECTEC offers its customers modern facilities and state-of-the-art hardware to organize cyber exercises under professional guidance.


  • develop the personnel’s abilities to detect and understand cyber threats putting their operations at risk
  • increase the personnel’s preparedness to act correctly in cyber threat situations
  • improve organizations’ ability to function in emergency situations caused by a cyber attack

Content and pricing

The details of cyber exercises are always negotiated case-specifically based on the customer’s needs and requirements. When the details are discussed the pricing and pricing criteria of the offered services are specified. Our contact persons provide further information on the pricing and content of services. Contact us!

Service process


Cyber exercises are started by setting the goals and choosing the right exercise forms and sections to support the reaching of the goals. Exercise forms can be discussion-based, technical and technical-functional.


The implementation of cyber exercises is preceded by preparation and implementation of a technical and physical exercise environment. The technical environment is built to correspond to the requirements of the designed frame story and the technical functional requirements of game events.


Cyber exercise planning and preparation work culminates in a cyber exercise organized for the participants that measures and develops their knowledge and skills. The scenario of a cyber exercise is written in the preparation phase. Game events included in the story are written to resemble real word cyber threats and events.


After the exercise is concluded it is analyzed and evaluated. During this phase different kinds of improvements to existing practices and processes will be identified. The improvements will serve as a basis to further improve an organization’s cyber resilience.

JYVSECTEC is an independent cyber security research, training and development center.