Healthcare Cyber Exercises

Regional Council of Central Finland
Council of Tampere Region
Leverage from the EU 2014-2020
European Union; European Regional Development Fund

JYVSECTEC as an enabler of healthcare cyber exercises

The cyber range provides a framework for simulating a wide range of different stages of patient care. The exercises take place in our RGCE environment, which is isolated from the internet. The cyber range enables:

Training in demanding cyber incidents that threaten patient safety

Training for large-scale cyber attacks on a hospital

Experiences and lessons learned from cyber attacks on medical devices

Testing of existing procedures, such as internal communication and information sharing in the event of an incident

Collaboration with other organizations in the field


What is included in the healthcare cyber range

Virtual hospitals, hospital equipment, social and health information systems and national common services have been modelled to the environment

Patient information systems

Medical records, referrals, prescriptions, laboratory results, imaging and hospital wards

Realistically modelled records

Personal data, addresses, banking, company and patient information, disease classifications, prescription drugs, drug pack sizes and reference values for laboratory results

Intensive care unit

In addition to virtual systems, a physical patient simulator and medical equipment such as a ventilator and a patient monitor

Integrated national services

Kanta, THL, Kela, pharmacies, prescription center and strong authentication service

HEalthcare exercise environment fith multiple wellbeing services countries

Benefits of cyber exercises

Competence development

Developing staff skills to detect and understand cyber threats in their own operating environment

Ensuring patient safety

Ensuring continuity of care by increasing resilience and identifying vulnerabilities

A Realistic experience

Participants get to experience how to respond to and defend against cyber attacks in the healthcare environment


Healthcare Cybersecurity Pilot Exercise

Cyber Range

As a result of the Healthcare Cyber ​​Range project a cybersecurity exercise environment for the healthcare sector was developed. The environment is utilized in cybersecurity exercises for healthcare professionals to ensure the continuity of patient safety and care.

Pilot exercise and participants' experiences of the exercise

Healthcare cybersecurity pilot exercise demonstrated the ability of healthcare actors to respond to cyber disruptions. Participants found the exercise very useful from operational development perspective.


An approach based on real threats

Exercises are created to address current threats, considering the industry

The exercises bring you face to face with typical techniques, tactics and procedures used by criminals

The attacks exploit realistic vulnerabilities in information systems and networks in the digital healthcare environment

The exercise situations are designed according to the client's objectives and actual risks

A background story is created around the exercise to increase understanding of the current situation


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