A Handbook on Cyber Security Incident Response Processes for Healthcare Actors 

We have created a handbook for healthcare operators to improve their cyber security awareness and incident management skills. The handbook includes guidelines and checklists about preparing for cyber incidents, incident response and incident recovery. The target group is the Finnish healthcare sector, hence it was written in Finnish, although the concepts largely apply universally and a guide like this would be useful also outside Finland.

The handbook has been well received so far and considered very welcome. In Finland, there has previously not been a writing like this that joins together guidelines, tools and checklists for cybersecurity incident response, especially in the field of healthcare. In addition to healthcare, parts of the handbook can very well be utilised in other public and private sectors as well.

The handbook (in Finnish), Kyberhäiriöiden hallinta – Käsikirja terveydenhuollon toimijoille, can be downloaded from this link.

The handbook is a result of the project Cyber security incident response processes and guidelines in healthcare environments project. The handbook was writter by JYVSECTEC specialists Vesa Vertainen, Elina Suni, Marko Vatanen, Jari Hautamäki, Tuukka Laava and Juha Piispanen. Illustration was made by Valtteri Mäntylä-Blå and layout designs by Heli Sutinen. The project was funded by Business Finland, and the official partners were the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, National Emergency Supply Agency and National Cyber Security Centre, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom (NCSC-FI).

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