Prepare, Hunt, and Respond – conceptual model

We have released a comprehensive model for organizations to prepare themselves against cyber attacks. As the world is evolving to more sophisticated cyber attacks, the defenders need to be ready for attacks as well. The model aims to help organizations to build a holistic way to prepare, hunt, and respond to attacks.

The model is available on our Github page:

The model “PREPARE, HUNT, AND RESPOND” will be evolving from the initial release to encompass more detailed information and case examples of tools and techniques to each section. The goal is to gather the best publicly available solutions and tools to represent how different sections of the model can be done. The solutions will be demonstrated using our RGCE Cyber Range’s organization environments in the case examples.

Our experts have gained a lot experience and knowledge by organizing modern cyber exercises and trainings for government and corporations past 10 years. This experience has helped us to create a new comprehensive model how organizations should be prepared against cyber attacks and cyber crimes. Even though overview of the model might seem difficult to comprehend, our aim is to provide detailed information and examples how each section of the model can be implemented in organizations. The goal of the model is to integrate traditional cyber security with incident response and threat hunting as a one complete model for preventing, hunting, and responding to threats. Important part of the model is to utilize continuous development of the organization’s capabilities to defend the business.

This model is made available for everyone to utilize in their organization and we are more than happy to welcome any criticism, improvements, ideas, notes, and feedback of the model from community. If you have any input, please leave an issue on our Github page or via our contact form.

Further information

Marko Vatanen, Chief Technology Officer, JYVSECTEC